‘Glee’ season 4 spoilers: Tough times to come for Ryder?

Blake JennerWhile the winners from “The Glee Project” season 1 in Damian McGinty and Samuel Larsen have barely had anything to do on “Glee” ever since the later portion of last season, you have to give Ryan Murphy credit this time around for making sure that Blake Jenner has constantly quite a bit to do as Ryder Lynn. He was an interesting character from the get-go, since he was giving charms and complications rather quickly. For one, he’s spent much of the season chasing after a girl in Marley who is love with someone else (in Jake). Now, he’s having to deal with the fact that his new dream girl may not even be a real girl at all.

While there has still been no confirmation at all that Ryder is becoming the latest victim of a “Catfishing” scheme, the photo above from Murphy on Twitter, coupled with the following caption, may be some evidence that it is happening:


So who could be so cruel as to do something like this to Ryder? There are really only a handful of candidates that we can think of based on his interactions with them on the show.

Jake – After what Ryder did to his girlfriend on Valentine’s Day, we could definitely see this guy motivated by revenge.

Unique – She and Ryder squabbled during the “Feud” episode over sensitivity, and what better way to prove some sort of point to the guy than to have him end up falling in love? It’s a little mean, but still.

Marley – This seems like a stretch, given that she could just be with him in the real world. However, Marley could see this as a way to be with both him and Jake in some twisted manner.

Kitty – She’s an awful person. Enough said.

Do you think Ryder is going the way of Manti Te’o, and who do you think is doing it to him? If you want to read some more “Glee” scoop about a New Directions reunion, you can do so over here.

Photo: Twitter / Ryan Murphy

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