FBI interview: Jeremy Sisto previews difficult Jubal season 5 story

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Tomorrow night on CBS you’re going to have a chance to see FBI season 5 episode 12 air, and to call this one emotional still doesn’t do it justice. It is a tour de force for Jeremy Sisto as Jubal, as he wrestles with another case in the midst of a difficult personal discovery involving his son Tyler’s health. The stress and the pain he experiences could cause him to turn to some old demons, and what stems from all of it are some life-altering choices.

In other news, you’re going to want to watch this one as soon as possible. It contains some of the heart-pounding intensity you expect from this show, plus a few other dimensions that could take you by surprise.

To better set this story up, Sisto was kind enough to answer a few questions about where we find his character and what lies ahead. Be sure to also come back tomorrow after the episode airs, as we’re going to have more courtesy of a postmortem.

Matt & Jess TV – Where are we going to find Jubal at the start of this episode?

Jeremy Sisto – Jubal’s in a pretty strong place. He’s stable. He’s been rebuilding trust with his son, and his son is getting stronger. So, when he gets some unsettling news, it really throws him off his equilibrium. It sets off some pretty bad things in his brain … He’s suddenly vulnerable to past demons. There’s some real paranoia going on inside him — something that he’s usually really good at controlling, but for some reason, in this moment it takes him down a really challenging path.

It happens to all of us, you know? A bad day comes up, and it’s [a situation] where you’re having more trouble than usual.

How is his son’s health situation going to impact him immediately in the field?

After he gets the news that something is amiss with his son’s health, he begins unraveling internally. He can’t take it, so he makes some choices that are really, really destructive. But, he also makes the decision to continue the case he’s on because it’s a really big case and he feels like it’s necessary for him to be there. He’s had experience doing this job while living in a destructive existence.

[His son’s situation] impacts how he handles things, and for the whole episode he’s careening close to a cliff. You’re just hoping that he gets ahold of the wheel before the car soars over the edge.

This is a guy who is obviously trained to compartmentalize, but is this the sort of personal crisis that could cause him to unravel on the job?

He is very good at compartmentalizing! This isn’t even a crisis that comes up. It’s not even near the level of what he’s already dealt with. But with [his history], you never know when he’s going to reveal that weakness against the demons. It is a moment that he does not expect and he loses his control.

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