‘American Idol’ top 8 preview: Why Burnell Taylor, Angie Miller need a change

American IdolWhen we heard about all of the drama between Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey prior to this season of “American Idol,” we never imagined that “boring” would be a word that we would have used to describe this season at all. However, it’s quickly turning out to be the way in which this season has progressed. With some of the entertaining wild cards (Charlie Askew, Zoannette Johnson) fizzling out due to some poor performances, we are left with a group of mostly-great singers that also have one major flaw: they seem to be largely convinced that you should just stand in the center of the stage and sing a ballad.

Wednesday night’s new episode is Motown-themed, and to be frank, we don’t think that we have enough knowledge of the catalog to really give song suggestions as we have in some other weeks. So with that, we’re going to hand out some more general suggestions for all of the eight remaining performers.

Amber Holcomb – Make sure you let the audience know what kind of singer you want to be. This at the moment is the only thing really separating Amber from the other ladies, since the talent in there.

Angie Miller – Have fun, and speed things up! This is something that will be a broken record on this page, but she has ventured into dreary and theatrical territory so much lately that she’s slipping from her once-established perch at the top of the pack.

Burnell Taylor – He doesn’t necessarily have to speed things up, but he does need to find some of that goofy energy that he had all the way back during his auditions. He’s almost gotten to the point where he takes himself too seriously.

Candice Glover – Vocally, don’t change anything. Just make sure that you pick songs that you can connect to, and not ones that have weird lyrics that you don’t particularly seem to like.

Devin Velez – See Angie’s advice above. Devin is not theatrical, but he can venture into lounge territory, which is never good for a singer who wants to exist in the modern day.

Janelle Arthur – Janelle has already sped it up once, and the main thing she really needs to do is listen up. You can see in all of her performances how much she wants this, and that’s admirable; however, you also have to make sure in the process that you don’t lose the whole purpose of being on stage: to sell yourself to the world.

Kree Harrison – Stay hungry. She’s been the smartest performer thus far when it comes to song choice, and we would be willing to guarantee her a spot in the finale if she continues to mix it up.

Lazaro Arbos – If you say that the internet is weighing you down, stay offline. Find your own confidence, and just make sure that you stay true to yourself and have fun the rest of the time you’re in this competition. If you are going to go out, make sure you do so on a high note.

What do you think the eight remaining singers need to do to improve their chances? We want to hear your thoughts below, and you can see where we’ve ranked all of them over at the link here.

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