The Good Doctor season 6 episode 10 sneak peek: Lea’s crisis

The Good Doctor season 6After a long hiatus The Good Doctor season 6 episode 10 is finally going to air tomorrow night on ABC; want to know more all about it?

Based on how the first part of the season ended for Shaun and Lea, you really can’t be altogether shocked with what we are going to see coming up. The good news is that Lea is expecting, but the tragic aspect of this is that she could very well lose the baby again. Her condition comes with smaller odds of bringing the baby to term and moving into this episode, a risky surgery could lead to the St. Bonaventure team having to take out her uterus altogether.

In a sneak peek over at this link, you can see Dr. Glassman talking about Lea’s condition to Shaun, who is adamant that he wants to be in the OR as everything is happening. However, Richard Schiff’s character denies the request, noting that every decision that needs to be made will be in Lea’s best interest and there can be no emotion involved. If a situation arises in which Lea could lose the baby, Dr. Glassman indicates that he will allow Shaun to come in at that point.

Are we worried? It’s impossible not to be, but we’re holding out a little bit of hope because this series, at its core, does tend to be inspirational. Shaun and Lea have gone through so much since the start of the series and it would be wonderful to see them bring a baby into the world this time around. Also, it would come with all sorts of interesting stories for the writers to greater explore — we may not see all of them until a potential season 7 (the show hasn’t been renewed as of yet), but the possibility is at least there.

Speaking of inspiration, Lim seems to be on the mend after her surgery!

What are you hoping to see when it comes to The Good Doctor season 6 episode 10?

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