‘Survivor Caramoan: Fans vs. Favorites’ rankings: Is Malcolm in control at Gota?

Malcolm FrebergEven though some things have a tendency to change with a tribal swap on “Survivor,” others manage to stay the same. For the past two seasons, this thing has largely been seeing Malcolm continue to find ways to stay in power. He’s currently in the process of doing it again with both the Fans and the Favorites, and this is certainly going to be worth watching now that he is trying to scheme and dominate his way to the top again.

We presented our rankings for Bikal yesterday with the knowledge that this tribe was probably going to be heading to tribal council quite soon, we have a feeling that these may not be nearly as relevant. After all, who sees this group losing at anything that the producers would give them?

The rankings

7. Sherri Biethman – Sherri is someone who was in a tremendous spot on the original Gota, but the problem that she has here is that she is one of only three Fans, and she really doesn’t have anything in common with this very youthful tribe. If she makes it to the merge, though, she could be around for a while. With that in mind, she better just hope her tribe keeps on winning.

6. Eddie Fox – We saw in the previews for next week Malcolm making some sort of pact with Reynold and Eddie … but these are still just three people on a seven-person tribe. Until we see real evidence in the context of actual footage from the show, we’re going to be a little bit skeptical about an alliance working.

5. Andrea Boehlke – This may be a surprise to see Andrea here, but think about it this way: both Erik and Brenda have an advantage in that they could go to the Fans, tell them about the Stealth R Us alliance, and team up with them to get the numbers. Andrea has not exactly been viewed favorably by some in her tribe already, so we could see this as trouble for her game.

4. Brenda Lowe – So long as Brenda has a reputation for being devious, it’s hard to see her sticking around for a particularly long time. Her only hope now is to keep winning challenges, and then forge a new alliance using some of the Fans.

3. Erik Reichenbach – To an extent, all we have to say is “see above,” with the only real exception being that it’s pretty hard to imagine anyone labeling Erik a big-time schemer. He’s probably safe for now thanks largely to there at least being someone who is a bigger target in almost every category.

2. Reynold Toepfer – Let’s put it this way for Reynold right now: there are probably only one or two eliminations to go until the merge, and with an immunity idol and this tribe continuing to win, we don’t see him needing to even go to tribal council. He’ll surely be in a different place when the merge comes, but for the time being few are better situated.

1. Malcolm Freberg – Is there anyone so good at making sure they are constantly in the majority? We saw this from Malcolm in “Survivor: Philippines,” as he did the same thing when heading to Tandang. Now, he’s got an alliance both with Stealth R Us, has an immunity idol, and has both Eddie and Reynold on his side. If someone gets him out, it is going to be a pretty epic blindside.

Who is at the top of your ranking? We want to hear some more of your thoughts in the poll below, and you can also check out our rankings for the Bikal tribe over at the link here.

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