Criminal Minds: Evolution season 1 episode 8: Is Elias Voit found?

Criminal Minds: Evolution season 1As you get yourselves prepared for Criminal Minds: Evolution season 1 episode 8 on Paramount+, of course there is a lot to think about!

First and foremost, let’s just give you a not-so-subtle reminder of where are in the season. There are only three more installments to go until things are wrapped. Sure, we know there is a season 2 coming down the road, but there is no confirmation on a few different things at present — including whether or not there’s going to be a cliffhanger, or if some stories like Elias Voit’s will still be going strong once we get there.

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What we can at least say is that based on where we are at present, David Rossi is inching ever closer to taking “Sicarius” down, and we tend to think this upcoming episode is where our UnSub will get more desperate than ever. Even as the BAU deal with a lot of bureaucratic red tape that hinders their progress, he could realize that there are people hot on his trail and start to unravel. We know already that he is away from his family and he’s in a more fragile state than before; this could easily continue in the immediate future.

As for what could be coming in some other stories, we’re prepared for things to get even more messy for Garcia, who hasn’t exactly split up with Tyler Green as Prentiss wanted her to do. There are most likely consequences to that coming, and we are concerned still about what lies ahead for Will. We don’t think JJ’s husband is out of the woods at all with his health battle, and it’s possible that this story was introduced for a bigger reason than we know.

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