Criminal Minds: Evolution season 1 episode 7: Garcia did WHAT?

Criminal Minds: Evolution season 1We expected that entering Criminal Minds: Evolution season 1 episode 7 on Paramount+, there would be some drama for Penelope Garcia. After all, just consider what we saw in episode 6! Her kissing Tyler Green presented a wide array of different problems for the BAU, and we don’t think she was thinking all of that through in the moment.

Based on what we saw tonight … well, let’s just say that things are a little bit different now.

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Early on in this episode, Garcia went to Prentiss and try to do the right thing — give full disclosure that she and Green kissed. She knew that this was a problem, but maybe she didn’t expect to be chastised by Emily like she was. Paget Brewster’s character had a big point: Green is a material witness, and someone essential to the case. If this became a part of any court proceeding, everything could fall apart. It’s even messier than her dating a fellow agent, which we thought could happen for a while with her and Alvez.

Prentiss told Garcia to end it, which makes all the sense in the world — she could always try again after the case is closed, right? Well, we do think that Penelope tried at first to walk away from all of this but the moment Tyler came by to give her back her key, everything changed. The two are still together and now, the problems could easily intensify. Garcia could compromise the entire case, and at a certain point you have to wonder about her job. This could all be a red herring, but it’s easily to imagine showrunner Erica Messer setting something up with Tyler to be a BIG problem by the end of the season.

Is all of this surprising behavior from Garcia? Sure, but she did say she wants to be a little more free these days…

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