‘Grey’s Anatomy’ season 9, episode 18 review: Is Meredith’s baby a boy or a girl?

Grey's Anatomy Season 9Thursday night’s “Grey’s Anatomy” episode brought quite a bit to the table: humor, revelations, and plenty of relationship drama. What it did not bring, however, was a game-changing moment that people will be talking about for some time. This episode was not necessarily filler by any means, but most of what we saw during the hour was meant more to carry over into next week rather than be resolved right now.

The first piece of evidence was rather simple: seeing the tension that was starting to form between Alex and Jo. Watching Alex and his cancer patient perform pranks on Jo’s new beau was pretty hilarious, even though not everyone seemed to think so.

The second piece of evidence? Seeing April have some serious revelations about his new relationship with Matthew, and whether or not she wants to be the person to “corrupt” him. Personally, we like to think of all this as some sort of “code” that we are going to see her getting closer than ever to Jackson in the future, but who knows with this show?

Really, the thing that may be the most important here long-term is the news that Meredith and Derek are having a boy, which means that their family will stay even across the genders. As for whether or not we are going to see a pregnancy free of problems, though, that is unfortunately a rather different story. (We’ll find out a little bit more on this subject in the weeks ahead.)

What did you think about “Grey’s Anatomy” this week? Be sure to share some more of your thoughts below, and you can also click here to see what Sarah Drew has to say about the Jackson / Matthew situation.

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