The Boys season 4 premiere date: The optimal start

The Boys season 3The wait for The Boys season 4 over on Prime Video is going to be long — that’s something that is very much clear at this point.

Even with the show not coming back for a very long time, we do tend to think the streaming service is actively thinking about the future — or, to be specific, the best future possible for the series. Is there an ideal window for this show to come back? We do think it’s worthy of some further examination.

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We should start off this piece by nothing that in theory, it could be possible that season 4 could premiere in mid-to-late December. We’re just not sure the streaming service will do that for a couple of different reasons. For starters, they already have the spin-off Gen V out this year and we don’t think there’s all that much of a reason to rush things along here. Also, will they really want to air this show over the course of the holiday season? We tend to think the more likely situation is that the late December window is used for the fourth and final season of Jack Ryan.

What we would personally look out for right now is Friday, January 5 2024 or the following week. Winter is a great time to launch shows and if The Boys does start off then, you are 1) giving the post-production team extra time and 2) making sure you start the year off on a high note. You could basically be the biggest show of the month, and the only real competition we could envision being out there is the third season of Euphoria — and that’s not even confirmed to air at that time.

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What are you the most excited to see right now leading into The Boys season 4?

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