The Gilded Age season 2 premiere date: A chance for news today?

The Gilded Age season 1Is there a chance that we could get news on The Gilded Age season 2, including a possible premiere date, over the next few hours?

We should start off here by nothing why there is at least a small case to be getting something like this, and also just how tied it is to what’s happening on HBO later tonight. For those who do not know, the premiere of The Last of Us is going to be coming at 9:00 p.m. Eastern time and over the years, this network has had a tradition of airing a 15-30 second ad for one of their other programs beforehand. This could be where we get an official premiere date for the upcoming season of Succession, or something more when it comes to the new season of Perry Mason.

So is there at least a small chance that we find out something about The Gilded Age? Well, let’s just say there’s a small chance of it. We wouldn’t call it a guarantee by any means — as a matter of fact, we’re probably looking at around 5%. While we do think that HBO will want to promote it in the reasonably near future, we’re probably still too far away at this time from when the show will be back. Remember that, more than likely, you will see the period drama back around in May or June — that means that more than likely, we’ll get a firm date announcement in March or April alongside a trailer.

For tonight alongside The Last of Us, our feeling is that we’ll get some sort of tease for either Succession or The White House Plumbers, which are premiering earlier and also are a little more high-profile in nature. It’s crazy to think that The Gilded Age is actually viewed as more of an under-the-radar show, even if it has a great producer in Julian Fellowes and a devoted audience.

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