AGT: All-Stars preview: Comedian Mike E. Winfield returns!

AGT: All-Stars season 1

In just over 24 hours you’re going to see AGT: All-Stars episode 3 arrive on NBC — why not get a tease featuring Mike E. Winfield now?

For those of you who watched this past season, you know a few things about the comedian already. For starters, he is brilliantly funny. One of the most memorable parts of his act is his stepson being close to the same age as him, which leads to him calling him his “stepman.” There have been some really good runs he’s had just about this subject alone!

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For those wondering, the stepman comedy will return in his set on Monday. In a sneak peek that you can see over at TVLine, Winfield jokes about how the guy is pretty annoyed about being the butt of all the jokes in his comedy. With that, he’s decided to become more responsible … by purchasing some things around the house using Mike’s money.

The biggest reason why Mike’s such an effective comedian comes via his delivery. His material is strong for sure, but he comes across as very natural and conversational. It never feels like he’s forcibly spewing out his jokes at out. He’s a pleasure to listen to and has a ton of personality. Could he make the finals? Just based on the time bit we’ve heard from him so far, there’s a good chance — but we have to remember that this is a pretty stacked lineup all across the board. There’s a wide array of different acts in this episode, but we’ll say that in general, it would be nice to see a comedian come out on top on this show — especially since so many have come up short over the years.

What do you think we’re going to see moving into AGT: All-Stars episode 3?

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