NBC’s ‘The Office’ season 9 finale spoilers: Will Jim and Pam have a happy ending?

Jim and PamSeason 9 of NBC’s “The Office” has been a particularly tough one for Jim and Pam fans as the couple tries to deal with some pretty significant changes going on in their lives – mostly Jim’s life.

Jim has opened his own start up company in Philadelphia and as any new business owner knows, the first year of business is definitely the most time consuming, so his absence in his marriage with Pam hasn’t been good for them.  Not only that, but we’ve seen Pam’s frustrations with Jim not being emotionally involved with her on a level that he used to be – like if something bad happens or good happens and she wants to share it with Jim, we’ve seen him brush her off because he’s so consumed in making his business work for his family’s future.  We have also watched one member of the documentary crew, Brian, get very close to Pam, worrying viewers that an affair could be in the midst and to top it all off, Jim expects Pam and the kids to move to Philadelphia and she really doesn’t want to leave Scranton.

We expected there to be trouble in the marriage at some point, but not necessarily so much of it in the last season, especially with only a few episodes left to tie it all up in a way that fans feel good about.  Jenna Fischer spoke to Entertainment Weekly about the struggles that Jim and Pam have had this season in their marriage and said that even though things have been tough for them that she was “very happy with how the entire show wrapped up”.  She said: “I think this year we really portrayed them as a real married couple with real obstacles.  People often don’t really deal with change well and Pam didn’t deal with the idea of Jim changing and his job changing. So I’m really proud of us for tackling some of those things in a realistic way and not a soap-opera way.”

The next new episode of “The Office” season 9 won’t be airing until Thursday, April 4, so there’s still a bit of a wait for it to come back, but in the meantime feel free to leave us a comment and tell us if you think Jim and Pam will have a happy ending or if things are too far gone to be repaired at this point.

Photo: NBC

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