Power Book IV: Force season 2 premiere date: Season 3 talk?

Power Book IV: Force season 1We know that there are a lot of people out there discussing a Power Book IV: Force season 2 premiere date and understandably so. Yet, here we also want to dive a little bit further into a potential season 3. Is that something that could be counted on?

What makes the long-term future of the Joseph Sikora series so interesting right now is tied, at least in part, to when it would most likely film. If the show was meant to keep the same production timeline for season 3 that it had to season 2, it would actually need to start filming at some point in the spring. Potentially, it would do so before the second season even premieres! That’s a lot of faith for Starz to show in a series without even seeing the reception to season 2 — then again, they’ve handed Raising Kanan and some other shows early renewals before, and the greater Power universe is one of the most stable ones that they have.

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Is there a chance that the network airs Force earlier than expected so they don’t have to do this? In theory, sure. They could do something where they debut Tommy Egan’s story in mid-to-late April, just so audiences can start to dive into season 2 earlier and they can get a better sense of their future. There’s also an interesting case to do this in the event that there is some sort of larger crossover between this show and Power Book II: Ghost. This is a fascinating thing to think about but in the end, we consider it unlikely for the time being. We think that for them, it’s much easier to just premiere Force in late May or early June as we’ve suggested for a while that they will do.

No matter when the show premieres…

Be prepared for an epic revenge tour. Do you really think that Tommy is going to be okay with what happened over the course of season 2? He’s going to find a way to fight back, and also further build his empire at the same time.

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Do you think we could get an early Power Book IV: Force season 3 renewal at Starz?

Check out some of our thoughts on the matter below! Once you do just that, remember to also come back for some other updates. (Photo: Starz.)

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