Succession season 4 premiere date: The Last of Us factors in

Succession season 4For everyone out there eager to see news on Succession season 4, we do think that something more is coming down the road. It’s mostly a matter of when, and this is where The Last of Us starts to come into play here.

As so many of you know at this point, the video-game adaptation is considered to be one of the most-anticipated shows on HBO this year. It also happens to be a great place to announce some news on some other programs. Why not share a Succession premiere date here? Is there going to be a better venue out there? We don’t tend to think so.

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We don’t want to sit here and say with 100% confidence that we’re going to get a premiere date announcement for Jeremy Strong and company when The Last of Us premieres next week. However, at the same time isn’t there a good chance at it happening? We tend to think so! The only reason it may not is in the event that HBO uses the premiere to promote another show, whether it be Barry or The White House Plumbers.

If we were to guess, though, we do think that the Succession premiere date will be unveiled during at least one of the earlier episodes for the video-game adaptation, and we would keep your eyes peeled if you are absolutely eager to learn it. This is going to be a hugely ambitious season coming up, with one of the biggest questions being whether Kendall, Roman, and Shiv Roy are really capable of working together after being cast off by their father.

We have a lot to look forward to with season 4, and we tend to think it will be back at some point between late March and May.

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Do you think we could be getting some sort of Succession season 4 premiere date alongside The Last of Us at HBO?

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