The Mosquito Coast season 3: Renewed, canceled at Apple TV+?

The Mosquito Coast season 2Following today’s big season 2 finale, can you expect The Mosquito Coast season 3 to happen over at Apple TV+? Or, is this the end?

The first thing to do here is, of course, making it clear where things stand: For the time being, there is nothing that has been altogether confirmed yet when it comes to the future. There are reasons to hope for something more down the road, but we may be forced to wait for at least a little while first. For a lot of shows out there, the network / streaming service takes a couple of months to analyze the ratings before they determine what they want to do moving forward.

The appeal for The Mosquito Coast is that geographically, there isn’t all that much out there quite like it. There are also fans of the source material, and Apple TV+ as a service still does need to build up a rather solid lineup for itself. It has a few big-time hits, but then some others still bubbling underneath the surface. We would consider this one of those shows, and the merit to keeping it around is that you would allow more people to discover it over time and potentially build the audience thanks to that.

Also, we just think there’s something to be said for building a reputation on not canceling shows — this streaming service could be the anti-Netflix in that way.

Provided it returns, when could it premiere?

More than likely, you would be waiting for a good while — think in terms of a year, at least. With the way that most streaming services work, a good bit of time goes into filming and editing these episodes. If we got this show back in either the winter or the spring of 2024, we’d consider that to be a victory either way.

What do you think: Is there a chance we will get The Mosquito Coast season 3 down the road?

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