Yellowstone season 5 episode 9 spoilers: A look to ‘messy’ future

Yellowstone season 5 episode 1We know that Yellowstone season 5 episode 9 is poised to arrive down the road, and we have a good feeling it’s going to be chaotic. Of course, the question that comes along with that is quite simple: How chaotic are we talking about here? We know that multiple lives could be in danger after that big Jamie – Beth reveal, but this show also tends to move forward at a pretty slow pace.

Do we think that a body is going to drop at some point in the first episode back this summer? Probably not, but there is still potential for it to happen at some point down the road. We’re going ahead and preparing for that accordingly, in fact…

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What’s also curious about the future of the series is that, at least for now, nobody knows exactly what’s coming — cast included! In a new interview with Deadline, here is some of what Lilli Kay (who plays Clara) had to say about the matter at hand:

I’m curious to know because this first part has come to a close and I haven’t seen any scripts past this point, so I’m just operating off of what I know. In a weird way, the whole situation with Jamie puts Clara in a position where she needs to indicate where her allegiance lies. This is gonna get really messy. She’s in it now and has a real attachment to this family and this life. She wants to jump in and and defend them. I’m curious to see what lengths she has to go to.

We don’t envy the position that she is going to be in here, mostly because she’s got a lot to navigate and also, we can’t forgotten how many people John already fired from his team. Their backs are going to be up against the wall in a big way, and we should just prepare for what’s going to happen because of that.

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