‘Big Brother Canada’ review: Who did the HOH put on the block?

Big Brother CanadaOn tonight’s episode of “Big Brother Canada” Tom is starting to question whether or not he can trust Liza after talking to Emmett.  He tells Tom that Liza was gunning for Emmett and that the girls are not to be trusted, so from now on Tom should only be talking to the Quatro and that’s it.  Liza starts to realize that Tom is moving away from her so she tries to reassure him that she has his back 100% and even though he says that he’s aligning with Emmett it’s still not clear where his real loyalties lie.

Big Brother calls the houseguests to the living room and says that four people were caught breaking the rules in the HOH competition.  They show the video to the houseguests exposing the people that cheated including Emmett and are told that the results of the HOH competition no longer stand and that they will be having a new HOH competition and that the four people that cheated are not allowed to participate and they are the “have not’s” for the week. Emmett took the news the best way he could and said that it wasn’t a conscious decision to cheat.

The new HOH competition is a memory challenge and Suzette took an early lead in the game with AJ and Gary close behind.  Suzette starts to consider throwing the challenge to take the target off her back (probably a smart choice at this point).  In the end Gary won the challenge and he was named the HOH making the Quatro alliance very nervous.

Gary is very excited about having HOH, not only because he’s got all the power, but because everyone’s finally giving him information and he’s in the loop about everything.  When he talks to Peter, he tells Gary to target the pairs if he wants to really shake up the house. Later Topaz calls out Peter on his secret alliance with Liza, so he back tracks playing the innocent geek card implying that he’s been played by Liza.  Tom is feeling pretty confident that he’s not going home because of the deal he made with Gary last week and Gary seems to not want to put him up at all.

At the nomination ceremony Gary decides that it’s time to make some big moves and get some of the biggest threats out of the house, so he nominates Liza and Tom.  Gary tells everyone that he wants to get Liza out and Tom’s a pawn and that he will be keeping Tom safe as he promised.

What did you think of Gary’s nominations?  Do you think that Emmett’s punishment for his actions in the HOH challenge was fair?  Leave us a comment and tell us what you thought of tonight’s episode of “Big Brother Canada”.

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