Yellowstone season 5 episode 8: Who is in the most danger?

Yellowstone season 5 episode 1Yellowstone season 5 episode 8 is set to arrive on Paramount Network this weekend and for those who don’t know, there is drama ahead. To be specific, a lot of drama. This upcoming episode is the last before a long hiatus, and we don’t think it’s hard to imagine that a major character’s life could be put in danger.

Here’s just what you have to consider for now: Whose life could it be?

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Below, we have at least four candidates that you should be actively thinking a lot about between now and Sunday, and for a wide array of reasons.

Jamie – How do you not have this character high on the list? He is clearly doing a lot to take down his father and yet, he has many enemies. Beth would love nothing more than to destroy him, and he really doesn’t have much connection to the ranch anymore. (Of course, if you get rid of Jamie, who steps into the role of foil?)

Sarah – Rather than eliminating Jamie, we could easily envision something happening to Market Equities’ chief enforcer. Beth and her are due for some fiery conversations, and we don’t envision this company ever being able to take over the land.

Kayce? – This one may sound weird to put out there, but remember the vision at the end of season 4. It feels like for the first part of this season, there’s been something lurking underneath the surface and we’re just waiting to get it paid off. The real question is what form that could take.

Beth – Could something really happen to one of the show’s wildest characters? We’ve seen over the years that for better or worse, she’s got zero issue making herself into a target. We’re just not sure when or even if that is ever going to change.

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What do you most want to see when it comes to Yellowstone season 5, and who do you think is in danger?

Be sure to let us know below! After you do just that, keep coming back for other updates. (Photo: Paramount Network.)

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