The Chi season 6 premiere date: Current hopes for Showtime

The Chi season 5As we get closer to the end of 2022, what can we say at this point in regards to The Chi season 6? Is there a lot of good stuff to look forward to?

It is pretty darn clear, at least for now, that the folks at Showtime are staying pretty darn quiet with the show and its future. They have been for some time! We do think that will change at some point, but probably not until the spring.

Remember here, first and foremost, that last season did not premiere until June. Meanwhile, the one before that premiered in May. This is a show that has late spring as a best-case scenario, and there is a chance it could come back a little later than that. It’s always best here to prepare yourselves for a lot of different scenarios as opposed to any one date.

Yet, there is a lot that we’d say you can anticipate already moving into the new year. First and foremost, remember that there will probably be more casting news that comes out during the winter. Meanwhile, don’t be shocked if a full premiere date is revealed at some point in the spring. Given the recent tradition of premiering new episodes on Friday, we’d say that you can expect season 6 to start in a similar way.

As for the story, we really wouldn’t pin anything down on just one thing right now. Instead, we’d remind you that The Chi is really a world about relationships more so than anything else. We’re looking forward to seeing people evolve, some characters move forward, and even some face obstacles. We know that there’s a lot of struggle within this world, but that isn’t going to stop us from rooting for at least a good percentage of some of these characters.

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