American Horror Story season 12 premiere date: Lock for October?

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What is the road ahead going to look like for American Horror Story season 12? We realize it may be early to start wondering, but we just can’t help it!

Let’s start off this piece, of course, by noting a few things that are already clear. There is going to be a season 12, and just like we’ve seen with so many other installments in the past, it’s going to have its own unique theme and cast. These things are not going to change in the slightest, so you can push whatever fears you have about that into the back of your mind.

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Meanwhile, we would not have any sort of larger concern about an extended hiatus for the show at all. With the exception of 2020 amidst the global health crisis, American Horror Story has been an annual event. Not only that, but it has premiered in the fall. Has there been some flexibility on that here and there? Sure, but it’s been limited at best.

This past season of the franchise in NYC was actually the latest that any season has started, with it coming out officially on October 19. Personally, we tend to think that season 12 will arrive slightly before that — it’s a near-lock to air in October, but we wouldn’t make any big assumptions about it premiering then as of yet. In the past, we have seen versions of this show premiere in August and September, so we think that FX is probably keeping their options open. Ryan Murphy has a big-enough team that he can develop and produce any season of this show in more than enough time, so that is not going to be a concern. One of the big determining factors on a premiere date could be the status of the American Horror Stories spin-off show, but nothing has been altogether confirmed when it comes to that as of yet.

What are you the most excited for when it comes to American Horror Story season 12 on FX?

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This article was written by Jessica BunBun.

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