Yellowstone season 5 episode 8: Piper Perabo on Summer, John

Yellowstone season 5 episode 1As we get ourselves prepared for Yellowstone season 5 episode 8 in the new year, we should also be prepared for more Summer and John. When Piper Perabo was first cast last season as this character, it was hard to see a romance coming; yet, here we are. These are two characters from totally different backgrounds and on paper, this should never work. However, they just killed at the fair and moving forward, how they manage this relationship could be a big part of their story.

So will this continue moving into the next installment? Based on what we’re seeing and hearing right now, it sure looks like it!

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Speaking to Deadline in a new post-show interview, Perabo suggests that there could be a future for these characters, and also goes into how there was a connection early on between these two:

Yeah, the spark was there … He pays my bail the first time I get arrested and he says like, ‘let me show you the ranch.’ And I don’t really understand why he’s doing this, but he is kind of hot and it seems safe, but do I do it? When he first shows me the ranch last season, I kind of fall for him. We see the same in each other. Although Summer and John come from really different worlds at a fundamental level, they both believe in fighting for what they believe in. They believe in loyalty. They believe in conservation of the land. And so it’s like two fighters meeting and appreciating each other and he just happens to also be really hot. Taylor Sheridan is such a troublemaker. Of course the first public kiss is with Beth sitting less than 10 feet from us.

Of course, what will make things really complicated is that Beth and Summer may still be at odds. Sure, they’ve agreed to get along for the time being, but who is to say that this is going to last forever? Why would it? The relationship with Summer and John also totally feels like one of those things that could add even more problems to his job as Governor, which is already in a pretty dicey spot in the first place and could get worse thanks to Sarah and Jamie’s plan.

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What do you think could be coming with Summer and John moving into Yellowstone season 5 episode 8?

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