Yellowstone season 5 episode 7: Will Jamie get John impeached?

Yellowstone season 5 JamieFollowing the events of Yellowstone season 5 episode 7 on the Paramount Network this week, we know further what the stakes are. After all, we just got a much bigger sense of what Sarah Atwood’s plans are for John Dutton and the state of Montana.

Does she care at all about Jamie? We know that this has been a big question for a while now and we would argue that to a certain extent, she does. However, he’s also a piece in a much larger plan for her and that’s not something we can forget even more a second.

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Ultimately, Sarah wants Market Equities to get the land so that they can manage to complete some of their projects, and the objective now seems to be to use John’s desire to keep the land against him. She can frame some of his moves as siphoning money away from the state and the more they can out-flank him, the larger of a case they can make for impeachment. From there, a special election will be held and that will be a way to get Jamie into power.

This is a dastardly plan without question, but is it one that Sarah can actually achieve? We know that this can be a fairly tough thing to figure out sometimes but for now, there are plenty of reasons to think that she could pull it off. There are also some dangers ahead for John that could come up at any time. Take, for starters, the major problem that the wolves could eventually present to him. That’s not something that is completely resolved as of yet, and easily we could see it spiraling out of control the longer the season goes.

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Following the events of of Yellowstone season 5 episode 7, do you think that John is in big trouble?

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