Ted Lasso season 3 premiere date: One reason for split season

Ted Lasso season 2Is there a chance that Ted Lasso season 3 could be split up into two separate chunks? This is a topic we’ve broached in the past. However, we now have some brand-new reasons to be considering it further.

So what are the primary considerations at this point? It really begins with the fact that the show has been delayed so long as it is. Back when we first considered the possibility, we thought that a late 2022 / early 2023 start could be feasible. Now, it’s looking (quite regrettably) like we’re going to be stuck waiting until the spring and that is a pretty long time.

If Apple TV+ did want to get at least some episodes on their streaming service as soon as possible, they could consider doing two separate batches of six. That would enable the first half to easily be ready to go in late winter / early spring — heck, they could be close to it already! It would also get people subscribed to the service at a time where they can watch some other content, including one in Shrinking that has Brett Goldstein (a.k.a. Roy Kent) as an executive producer. It’s possible Apple TV+ won’t air this show and Ted Lasso at the same time, but we think it should at least be considered.

Another reason they may opt for this? It’s rather simple: Emmy consideration. If season 3 does end up being the final one (which has been rumored for some time), there is a strong case to be made here that the streamer will want episodes to be eligible both in 2023 and 2024. They could release the first six this spring, and then the final six or the summer / fall to make that happen.

Personally, we’d just prefer to get all twelve episodes without some big break in the middle. Sure, it’s nice to get Jason Sudeikis and the rest of the cast back as soon as possible, but we’re fine to be waiting a little while longer. Just remember how long it’s been already!

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Do you think there’s any chance that we could see the story split for Ted Lasso season 3?

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