The Blacklist season 10 premiere: Why are we waiting so long?

The Blacklist season 9 artAs some of you at this point know, we are stuck waiting until Sunday, February 26 to see The Blacklist season 10 premiere. There’s no question that this is a long wait.

To go along with this, there is another question we do want to raise in this piece: Why is NBC doing this? What is the value in making us sit around until close to the end of that month to see the James Spader back? While The Blacklist may not be a ratings sensation anymore, it absolutely does have a loyal audience who is as eager as ever to get more of these stories on the air.

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In the end, NBC’s decision to hold back on the show is a lot about perception. They don’t view the series at this point as a high-ceiling drama that could expand beyond its current numbers. It is where it is in terms of live viewing, though it is clear that it does big numbers on Netflix after the fact. They can use season 10 fill a gap on their schedule, and there are no holes in what’s going on right now — especially since they’ve shifted Friday nights over to comedies.

As to why they aren’t premiering The Blacklist in January on Sunday nights, it’s because the NFL season is still going! They are effectively premiering the show two weeks after Super Bowl Sunday; the only mystery that we’ve got at the moment is whether or not they will air the entirety of the season through the summer, given that there’s no way that this 22-batch of episodes will be concluded during May sweeps. If they really don’t care that much about the live numbers, you can easily argue they’ll do that. Otherwise, they could split the season up and air part two at a later time.

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What is it at present that you are most excited for when it comes to The Blacklist season 10?

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