SEAL Team season 7 renewal hopes: The Paramount+ timeline

SEAL Team season 6We are getting close to the end of the year now and still, there is no official word on a SEAL Team season 7 renewal. If you are frustrated about that, let’s just make the following clear: We understand! It’s hard not to at this point! We’re several weeks removed from the finale and even still, the desire for more has not dissipated.

Is there any hope that Paramount+ still issues a renewal at some point before the year is up? We’d love to say that it’s possible but in the end, that feels unlikely. Most of the major networks are at this point starting to cool off when it comes to announcements for the holidays, and we can’t see them making a reveal too close to Christmas, only for it to be completely overshadowed by everything else going on.

Remember that if you are the streaming service, there is no immediate hurry to renew the David Boreanaz show, even if we would all like to see it. They have time! The season 6 renewal was announced at the start of February, so they have at least until then to get news out there and still have the show return around the same time in 2023. Within the next month and a half we’re sure that they will take a hard look at some of the ratings and beyond just that, also what the budget could be for another season. It may be sad to think in financial terms, but television shows are all about the relationship between total cost and total audience. It is how Paramount+ justifies bringing it back and unfortunately, the streamer doesn’t hand out much info when it comes to viewership publicly.

So what can we all do for now to help out the show? The simplest answer is to try and convince people to keep watching and telling your friends to do the same! Also, a little bit of further social-media campaigning never hurts, either…

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Are you hoping to get some more news on a SEAL Team season 7 renewal soon?

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