Survivor 43 finale: Who won — Cassidy, Owen, or Gabler?

Survivor 43Entering tonight’s Survivor 43 finale, we knew in advance that this was Jesse’s game to lose. He had a ticket to the final four, thanks to his immunity idol.

However, he still had to make it to the final three, and that was the real story of the finale. Getting out Karla, an enormous strategic and social threat, was the right move. There’s no real debating that, though we’re sure Cassidy winning the final four immunity leads to some questions over that.

The funny thing is that after Cassidy’s win, both Owen and Gabler found themselves in a position where they wanted to compete in the fire-making challenge. They saw this as a way to boost their resume, given that Jesse was by far the biggest threat to take home the prize. Gabler was the one chosen to fight Jesse, but he won! He took out the biggest threat in the game, and that is something that he can put on his resume … but could Gabler actually win? The craziest thing tonight was randomly learning that Gabler would give his complete winnings to charity.

We will say this: This final Tribal Council was all sorts of competitive. Everyone came to play and make some good arguments. Gabler articulated well, but Cassidy still felt like the most well-rounded of the bunch and deserving of the title — but that’s just from our vantage point.

So what did the jury do?

They voted for Gabler to be the winner … almost unanimously! The only person who didn’t vote for Gabler was James, which has to be one of the most stunning endings ever. What in the world happened here? He did some good things for sure, but he was also super-quiet for most of the post-merge game. Easily, one of the strangest and most surprising winners that we’ve ever had for a season.

We will say this: He did have a really good final Tribal and he thought out his answers. He also probably got credit for some things just because he was close to Jesse and Cody.

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What did you think was going to happen entering the Survivor 43 finale tonight?

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