House of the Dragon season 2 spoilers: Choosing sides

House of the Dragon season 1We recognize that it is still really early to dive deep into House of the Dragon season 2 territory. After all, filming is still months away! Yet, this is a show that merits this sort of attention, especially coming off of a season 1 that far and away exceeds expectations.

As we prepare for the next batch of episodes, the thing that feels the clearest is the onset of war. You have Alicent Hightower and the Green Council on one side, and then Rhaneyra a.k.a. the Black Queen on the other. She does have some allies, especially since the usurping of the Iron Throne by Aegon was almost instant and based entirely on hearsay. The challenge for Emma D’Arcy’s character is rallying those close to her, and that includes Corlys Velaryon. We saw that his wife Rhaenys did not necessarily want to instigate the violence, but we don’t think that means their house is steering clear of it moving forward.

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Speaking to Entertainment Weekly at the recent Official Game of Thrones Convention, here is some of what Steve Toussaint (who said Corlys) had to say about what the future could hold:

“My understanding of what season 2 is, is pretty much it’s the war … Now, I may be wrong ’cause I haven’t seen [the scripts], but that’s the thing. Are we right to go into war? Am I on the right side? Well, I think Corlys is the kind of person who is like, there is a rule of law. There is a way we do things and it has been transgressed by the Greens. He’s forthright in his belief. So it’s about that, about being comfortable in your certainty. Once he sets his mind to something, he doesn’t really suffer from doubt. It’s black or it’s white. It’s right or it’s wrong. I think that’s who he is.”

Based on what we’ve seen regarding this character so far, this makes sense — we just have to see if it pans out that way in the end.

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Where do you think we will see Corlys land moving into House of the Dragon season 2?

Meanwhile, what are you hoping for when it comes to the series as a whole? Share below! Once you do just that, come back for some other updates. (Photo: HBO.)

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