Bridgerton season 3 premiere date: When to expect news

Bridgerton Penelope season 2When could we expect some sort of formal announcement for a Bridgerton season 3 premiere date? Let’s face it: A lot of people are getting impatient at this point, and understandably so. We have been waiting to get the show back for a long time! Filming has also been underway for several months, and there hasn’t been too much formal news on it wrapping up.

Truthfully, we know we’re going to be waiting for a good while still … but we do at least have an idea as to when you could expect more news.

The first thing to note is that season 3 is, more than likely, not going to be the next thing you see when it comes to the franchise. Instead, Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story is likely to be on the docket first. What’s On Netflix reported in the past that the streaming service is “eyeing” a May 4, 2023 premiere date for that show, but that is not confirmed. By the time May rolls around season 3 will easily be completed, and we do wonder whether Netflix would choose to announce a premiere date for the new season in conjunction with that one coming out.

Regardless of if Queen Charlotte gives us a season 3 premiere date or not, it’s hard to conceive that the flagship show will release much news until it is out. After all, they don’t want to undercut the success of a new show by hyping up the one after the fact! With Queen Charlotte coming potentially in the spring, we tend to think that late summer or early fall makes the most sense for Penelope Featherington’s story. We don’t think Netflix will stream the two shows all that close to each other and since there is already a Bridgerton season 4 renewal, they can go ahead and also start planning that out behind the scenes.

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