Why did Oliver Hudson leave The Cleaning Lady, role of Garrett?

The Cleaning Lady season 2 logoWhy did Oliver Hudson leave The Cleaning Ladyand his role of Garrett, following the stunning season 2 finale tonight? We expected that there would be some huge twists in the episode and yet, that’s still not one that we anticipated. The character was shot and at the end of the two hours, we saw his funeral.

Of course, there was that little sliver of us that wanted to think that this was all a setup and the character was still out there secretly alive, but there was a LOT of setup put into this ending — far too much for a character who could somehow still be out there.

At the time of this writing, there are no specifics surrounding Hudson’s exit, but story-wise, it’s clear that losing him is meant to throw another significant wrench into what is a really complicated story in the first place. Tony is going to keep being tested; that much is clear. That may have been the impetus behind killing Garrett in the first place: To advance things in a shocking manner.

What we can at least say is that if there is a season 3, Thony could find herself down a dark path than ever before. Here is what executive producer Miranda Kwok had to say on the story to come to The Wrap:

Whatever journey Thony thinks she’s going to be on, she probably won’t make that journey. It will continue to be a challenge that she’s going to have to find other resources to help her family, to help her son, to get Fiona back. That it’s always going to be a struggle for her. Now, is she going to sink deeper into a world of crime? Probably. And so what is going to be that influence to bring her back if it’s Luca or the family. There’s no more Garrett who’s trying to reel her back. She’s a little bit without a net right now.

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