Is Oliver Hudson leaving The Cleaning Lady? Is Garrett dead?

The Cleaning Lady season 2 logoIs Oliver Hudson leaving The Cleaning Lady following the events of the season 2 finale? Tonight’s two-hour event packed a lot in — including, of course a lot of violence.

Throughout much of the story we saw Thony’s life in grave danger, and of course that meant her doing everything in her power to both protect herself and her son. However, she was up against a lot, including Robert and plenty of those at his side. Right after a showdown there, though, Garrett got shot … and that led to questions about his future as he was bleeding on the ground. (We should note that entering the finale, there were no stories out there suggesting that the actor was leaving, but that didn’t make the moment any less tense.)

Of course, the show went to commercial when Garrett’s fate was still hanging in the air, and that left us in a difficult spot desperate for answers. What really happened here? He was spoken about at first in past tense, and that’s never encouraging.

Then, it was confirmed: Garrett was dead. Not only that, but Thony was told that she had to bear the brunt of a lot of what happened. She’d be left to carry that guilt and clearly, that’s something that could stick with her for a little while longer. (If there is some sort of vast conspiracy at work here and he’s somehow still alive, it’s a pretty big one — they had a funeral for him at the end of the finale.)

Of course, we should still say that we’ve come to expect death when it comes to The Cleaning Lady — we’ve seen this so many times already, and in just two seasons.

In some other news…

Robert was also killed by the end of the finale, not that this is all that much of a shock. He was introduced from the start to be a Big Bad, so it only made sense that we see the end of the road for him.

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What did you think was going to happen entering tonight’s season 2 finale for The Cleaning Lady?

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