The White Lotus season 3: Will Portia or Greg return?

The White Lotus season 2Even though The White Lotus is at its core an anthology series, we are getting more and more reminders here and there of a larger arc.

Think about it like this — we needed the opening episodes of season 1 to see just how susceptible Tanya was to being manipulated and/or taken advantage of for her money. Season 2, meanwhile, was the setup for Greg to put a hit out on her life. While she didn’t die the way in which it was intended, she is still gone … but there is someone left to tell a part of the tale. (We do understand now why Greg was so upset about Portia coming in the first place.)

Now, as we prepare for season 3, there is a chance to actually dive more into the aftermath … but how do you find a chance to really do this?

The big challenge that creator Mike White has for himself now is devising season 3 in a way where this story could conceivably continue. It will be set, after all, at a different property, and also most likely feature a number of different guests. The question you are left to think about now is how one of those guests could be either Greg or Portia. In the case of the former, why do that? Have these resorts really been tied to pleasant memories? Sure, he got a lot of money out of Tanya’s death, but he put out a hit on her!

Meanwhile, Portia simply doesn’t have the money to vacation at a place like this. We’re going to have to wait and see if she ends up with Albie and they go somewhere together — or, if there is another bizarre twist that throws everyone for a loop.

Losing Tanya is a big blow to the series, but we have to assume there is a larger plan to keep this going — nobody is going to be happy with Greg just getting away with it!

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Do you think we’ll see Portia or Greg on The White Lotus season 3?

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