Outlander season 7 premiere date, early schedule discussion

Outlander season 6The wait for news on an Outlander season 7 premiere date has been pretty darn exhausting already. At this point last year, we knew when season 6 was coming back! This time around, everything remains somewhat of a mystery.

We are writing this piece with the assumption that the 16-episode season 7 get split up, mostly because this is the thing that makes the greatest amount of sense from the outside. Also, it’s what the network has done in the past and that’s always a pretty solid indicator of what they will do in the present.

So what should we really expect when it comes to the season 7 schedule? If we don’t see the first eight episodes in the spring, it’s simply a matter of Starz not wanting us to see them just yet. They’ve been done filming the first half of the season for a while now. We don’t anticipate a March 6 premiere date like last time (see the key art above), but late March or early April? That makes sense. It would also allow whatever Starz is planning for January or February to be wrapped up first.

The reasonably expectation at present is for the first half of the season to run from the aforementioned window into either late May or early June, a time when it can generate a lot of attention with less competition. This could also make the season eligible for two separate Emmy cycles; even if the show gets routinely snubbed, we never want to let go of hope.

What would this schedule mean for the second half?

At the moment, we tend to think the network has two options: Either stretch the season our, or air the second part next fall/winter. We tend to think they will go with the latter and if they do order a season 8 (fingers crossed), they can use the prequel Blood of My Blood to tide people over once season 7 is done. Given how long of a filming window season 7 has, we imagine there’s going to be a long hiatus for the cast and crew after the fact.

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When do you think we’re going to see Outlander season 7 premiere over on Starz?

Let us know in the comments and, of course, come back for other updates. (Photo: Starz.)

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