Squid Game season 2 premiere date: Considering season 3?

Squid Game season 1We know there is a ton to discuss at the moment in regards to Squid Game season 2 … so is there even a reason to consider season 3?

On the surface, the idea of this probably feels a little bit ridiculous. After all, no one has yet to even confirm that we will get more following season 2. The show is so ambitious (and takes so long to make) that once the next batch of episodes are done, there may be a desire by all involved to move on to other things.

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This is where things are going to get interesting: There is a good chance that season 2 ends up being one of the biggest shows in the history of Netflix. Even if it doesn’t match the success of season 1, it doesn’t have to. It’s going to certainly turn big profits regardless. That is going to lead to executives talking about a season 3 and if there is ANY way at all for that to happen. Heck, we’re sure that there will at least be creative discussions before season 2 even comes out!

Let’s make it clear that in the next couple of years, the idea of this still-mythical season will rise to the forefront and garner a ton of attention. There is almost no way for it not to! It will be a discussion before season 2 premieres among interviewers, as well.

The funny thing

We’re probably not going to see a season 2 until mid-to-late 2024 so with that in mind, it could be 2026 or 2027 before we even see a potential season 3 if the show is on the same schedule.

Yet, even with that in mind, the questions and the interest will persist. One of the things that we absolutely know about the world of entertainment is that so many of us end up always looking to the far future; what is directly in front of us is rarely good enough on its own.

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When are you most excited to see as we prepare for Squid Game season 2, no matter when it starts?

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