Yellowstone season 5 episode 6: Could someone die?

Yellowstone season 5 episode 1This weekend is going to bring Yellowstone season 5 episode 6 to Paramount Network and at this point, it’s fair to have plenty of concerns.

Take, for example, the fear that we could actually lose someone over the course of the next episode. Is this something we should be really worried about? Well, remember for a moment that in the promo, we did see a rescue helicopter in the sky. Could someone out on the cattle expedition end up being hurt?

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If there is one person we’re the most concerned about right now, it is probably Kayce. Why is that? Well, so much of it is tied to what we’ve seen from this character over the past year. He had that vision about the end of things for him and Monica and really, he’s worked harder than anyone to establish some sort of life for himself away from the ranch. When you consider that, it’s all the easier to imagine that he would be one of the people who suffers the most when he’s back there.

As for why Kayce should be kept alive, there’s one simple argument that you could make for that: Hasn’t Monica gone through enough? She’s already lost John Jr. in the past few episodes.

Who else to worry about…

We have to think a lot about the Bunkhouse crew, given that they are the people more involved in cattle drives than anyone. Because of their role at the center of the action, they will always be in the most danger. We may not want to think about it, but we have to. It’s a consequence of doing business. (Losing a person in the Bunkhouse could also lead to someone begging for Jimmy to come back…)

Hopefully, we’ll get some sort of answer about this helicopter in episode 6 — we don’t need this to be one of those annoying things that lingers for a long time after the fact.

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Do you think someone could die as we prepare for Yellowstone season 5 episode 6?

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