Doom Patrol season 4 episode 3 spoilers: Immortus’ threat

Doom Patrol season 4As we prepare ourselves for Doom Patrol season 4 episode 3, there are a few separate things to be contemplating over. For starters, you have a potential apocalyptic scenario where almost everyone could be dead. There is still a chance, though, that this future could be avoided!

Meanwhile, there’s also a looming threat of Immortus, a character that is still intentionally mysterious … but also very much dangerous. Learning about this threat is a part of the fun … as weird as that is to say. (Aren’t things going to always be weird on some level with this show? We tend to think so.)

Speaking in a new interview with TVLine, here is some of what showrunner Jeremy Carver had to say about this character, and we like to think there’s going to be a lot of exciting stuff that comes in the weeks ahead:

“Once we fully understand who and what Immortus is, it’ll make complete sense [why we’re introducing this villain now] … There’s a scariness there, but it’s also a lot of fun. The pursuit and looming threat of Immortus will open the Doom Patrol’s eyes up to their very own creation. It answers a lot of long-running questions that they and fans might have about their abilities. The pursuit of Immortus makes them even more aware of their own mortality. It’s funneling our team into this central question: Is it better to save the world, or better to save themselves? On a couple different levels, the end is nigh.”

So yea, even though we’re only a couple of episodes into season 4, we’re already starting to get philosophical in some ways that we did not expect. Of course, we always tend to think that a big part of this show is circumventing expectations and finding a way to keep you on your toes.

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