Criminal Minds: Evolution season 1: Will Spencer Reid return?

Criminal Minds: Evolution season 1Is there a reason to have hope for a Spencer Reid appearance on Criminal Minds: Evolution at some point? We’re not sure if we should hold out hope for it this season, but we do think it could come at some point down the road.

A few weeks ago, we honestly wondered if Matthew Gray Gubler had moved on from this and his previous role forever; however, the more that we hear from some of his fellow cast members, the more we’re starting to have some hope.

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So who is the source of it today? Think AJ Cook, who knows Gubler extremely well thanks to working together for a good decade in a half. In an interview with Collider, she expresses her initial hesitation coming back (which she has discussed before), but also her optimism that he could turn up in season 2:

That was actually one of my big things about coming back. I didn’t wanna come back, if he wasn’t coming back because our characters are so close. Their banter is such a huge part of their relationship, so I was pretty bummed, but I get it. I understand that he couldn’t do it right now. We all would love for him to come back, at any moment, and he knows that.

I think he will come back, at some point, to play. It was weird, and it was a lot for me to wrap my head around. I wasn’t sure how that was gonna play, not having him on the show, but then I read the scripts and the story itself is just so compelling. From the first moment, it, we really take you on this cool, suspenseful, mysterious ride into the dark world of this network. So, I really miss him and I really hope he comes back, and he knows that. I think some things will be in the works. I hope it happens for Season 2.

One thing we certainly think is that Cook’s character of JJ could benefit from all of the support in the world right now. Think in terms of what’s going on with Will following the events of episode 4.

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Do you think there is a good chance we see Matthew Gray Gubler moving into Criminal Minds: Evolution season 2?

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