NBC’s ‘The Office’: Steve Carell feels for castmates, it’s ‘hard to say goodbye’

Steve CarellSaying goodbye to a job you love is hard and made even harder when you absolutely love the people you work with so much that they have become like family to you. That is what the castmates from NBC’s hit show “The Office” are going through right now as they wrap up their final week of filming after 9 seasons together.  It was hard to imagine “The Office” without Steve Carell (and we still maintain the show should’ve ended with his departure), but it’s even harder imaging the series ending at all, especially since there aren’t a lot of long running comedies still on television these days that can continue to bring on the laughs like “The Office” does.

The castmates have been very vocal on their Twitter accounts about how difficult this last week of filming has been and how heartbroken everyone is and while we may not be able to relate to that type of heartbreak there is one person who can and that’s Steve Carell.  In a new interview with People he says that saying goodbye to “The Office” was really “hard” for him to do because his time on the show was special to him.  He said:

“I just hope they savor it, because it was such a special thing for me and a really moving transition in my life. And it was hard to say goodbye. They’re going through the same thing that I went through two years ago.  It’s a lot because it was a big part of all of our lives. And we’re all very close. So I understand what they’re going through. There’s no advice that I can give to them.  They all are so appreciative for what [the show] was to each and every one of us.”

Although fans everywhere had hoped and prayed to the TV Gods that Carell would return for the finale to reprise his role of Michael Scott once more, Carell told CNN that it’s not going to happen.  He said:

“I figured the character would go back and visit everybody, but he wouldn’t do it on camera at this point.  I think he had grown past the idea of being in the documentary, that was my take on it … I just thought, yeah, he’d go back and visit, but he wouldn’t want the camera crew to be documenting it.”

The next new episode of “The Office” airs on Thursday, March 14 at 9 p.m. and will focus on Dwight and his family at his beet farm.

Photo: NBC

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