Survivor 43 episode 12: Cody Assenmacher voted out in epic move

Survivor 43

As we got into Survivor 43 episode 12 tonight, we had a feeling that there was going to be all sorts of chaos. Thank idols for that! Remember that Cody and Karla still had theirs entering tonight, and that’s without mentioning the one that Jesse secretly had in his possession.

Yet, despite having an idol, it seemed like Cody had found a “foolproof” way in order to ensure to ensure that Karla was voted out and she didn’t feel altogether threatened. However, he was so far ahead on this plan that he thought nothing could go wrong. His biggest mistake was trusting Jesse, who we’ve said for a while is the best player by a wide margin this time around. Cody trusted him so much that he let him have possession of the idol for a big chunk of the game and briefly, it seemed like he was going to be able to get him voted out with it still in his pocket. That didn’t happen, though, when Cody needed to get his idol to show Karla — a way to prove to her he had it and built “trust” for his own plan.

So entering Tribal, we got the sense that Jesse wanted to rally the numbers to get out his target in Cody. Yet, he still had options. If Cody played his idol, he could allow Karla to go, or try to shift it and take out Owen. Cassidy had immunity, so she wasn’t an option.

Kudos to the editors here leading up to the final vote — they set up SO many delicious scenarios. The most fascinating one, though, revolved around Cody going after he was overly confident most of the episode. The dude even danced at one point!

So what happened?

Cody is gone. Jesse pulled it off! Clearly, he got Cody’s idol back and played it on Owen. This ensured that Karla played hers and now, he’s the only one with power left.

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