Is Last Week Tonight with John Oliver new tonight on HBO, Dec. 4?

Last Week Tonight with John OliverIs Last Week Tonight with John Oliver new tonight on HBO? It is absolutely fair to say that there is PLENTY of news to be covered. Given the events of the past several days, we can only imagine how Oliver and his writers would tackle a lot of what’s out there.

Unfortunately, we are going to be left to imagine it, as opposed to actually being able to see something in a matter of hours. There is no new episode of Last Week Tonight for the remainder of the year, and the plan potentially is to have the show come back in February with more episodes. This is standard operating procedure for the premium-cable network, which does tend to put the late-night show on hiatus for a month and a half at the end of the year. Don’t think that anything controversial is going down here.

The one really unfortunate thing with the way that this show is scheduled is that after the fact, we do tend to see big chunks of news that aren’t necessarily covered in the way that they would’ve otherwise been. This is not a program that is all that interested in looking back and dramatically covering events that took place a month or two before it airs; there’s a reason why it is titled Last Week Tonight, after all!

So when the show comes back, should you expect any sweeping changes? In a word, no. Oliver and his staff have a rhythm that clearly works rather well for them, and we don’t tend to get any inclination here that they are looking to change all that much. Why would they? This is already a show that has received a near-countless amount of Emmy nominations over the past decade, so it’s got a format that viewers and critics alike tend to very much enjoy.

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What do you want to see from Last Week Tonight with John Oliver when it does return to the air?

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