1923 season 1 spoilers: Harrison Ford teases Yellowstone prequel

1923 season 1The premiere of 1923 season 1 is just a couple of weeks away! We probably don’t have to express why this matters so much. The previous Yellowstone prequel in 1883 was one of the biggest in the history of Paramount+ and there’s a chance that this one could top it.

One of the biggest reasons why, at least from our vantage point, is pretty simple: The presence of Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren behind the scenes.

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Just in case you needed another reason to watch, why not get a tease from Ford himself? The legendary actor is playing Jacob Dutton, who alongside his wife Cara is doing his best to keep the ranch going. He’s gone through a lot in his life already, and with the Great Depression coming to Montana early, the worst may still be around the corner. Speaking to Deadline, here is some of what he had to say about what the future holds:

“This is the story of what it has taken to survive, for that person to survive its complicated moral context and it’s a juicy, juicy story and I love it.”

It’s always great to see a star of Ford’s caliber be enthusiastic, and we hope that we see the story live up to what it could be based on star power alone. Taylor Sheridan is stretching himself thin these days in between this show, Yellowstone, and some other projects that he executive producers, but he has shown himself capable of handling it all. Remember that there are potential plans for more 1923 beyond this season, plus also a present-day 6666 spin-off. If you are a big-time fan of Yellowstone as a franchise, this is a really great time to be immersed in it. Even without a season 6 renewal for the flagship yet, there’s still a lot to be stoked for.

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What do you most want to see from Harrison Ford over the course of 1923 season 1?

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