1923 season 1 spoilers: Helen Mirren on playing Cara Dutton

1923 season 1We know that there is a new episode of Yellowstone season 5 on the air this weekend and come December 18, 1923 is coming! Paramount+ is going to be playing host to the latest spin-off of the series, and this is one anchored by an outstanding cast. The idea that Helen Mirren and Harrison Ford are starring in a series together is extraordinary, especially one that is a streaming prequel / spin-off to one already out there. In some ways, 1923 is a directly follow-up to 1883, but we don’t imagine that you will have needed to see that show in order to understand what is going on here.

Despite being big-name movie stars, both Ford and Mirren embraced diving into the TV Western world wholeheartedly, and have nothing but positive things to say about it on the other side.

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In a new interview with The Hollywood Reporter at the show’s recent season 1 premiere event, here is some of what Mirren had to say on the subject of working with executive producer Taylor Sheridan, and also the experience of preparing for her role:

“Taylor’s reputation precedes him. He’s such a talented and brilliant writer, director and producer, and what he’s created with these characters in this world is so expansive and epic. How he manages to flesh out this many characters and tell a balanced story is mind-boggling. He invited us all to go to Cowboy Camp before we started shooting, while we were in pre-production. All of us castmembers were invited to Montana for two weeks to ride horses, and we learned how to drive and rope cattle. I had to learn how to drive a buggy. Not only did he want us to familiarize ourselves with ranch life as a way to let it seep into our pores but also as a way for us to bond with one another and feel like we were a part of something special — and we are.”

Ultimately, we tend to think that this experience does help to set this franchise apart from the rest of what’s out there, and also kudos to Taylor and his team for continuing to have this Cowboy Camp as an option. We know it’s an option for many Yellowstone actors, as well.

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