Firefly Lane season 2 episode 10 return date hopes at Netflix

Firefly Lane season 2Following today’s big, nine-episode premiere at Netflix, do you want to get the Firefly Lane season 2 episode 10 return date? There is still a lot to work through when it comes to these characters as we wind down to the end of the story.

First of all, let’s remind you of that: This is the final season of the show. Yes, in one way it stinks that Firefly Lane is shutting down so far, but there may be story-related reasons for it. Also, Netflix cancels so many shows that on one level, we’re just glad to know in advance.

So what has Netflix said about the show’s eventual return? Not that much. There are sixteen episodes in season 2, so there are seven more still to drop. We know that they are coming in 2023, but that is it for now. Splitting up seasons is something we’re seeing the streaming service do with greater regularity right now, and we tend to think it has to do with them wanting to appease fans who may be getting a little bit impatient waiting for stories and understandably so. This way, they get the front end a little bit sooner, even if the trade-off means having to wait a while longer for the back end. For a lot of people, it probably proves worthwhile.

If we had to guess, we would say that late spring or summer feel like the right time to put more of this show out there, largely because Netflix doesn’t have as many top-tier hits scheduled for that period of time. Also, it gives viewers a chance to really dive into the first part of the season. Financially, it also makes sense for them to keep people subscribed for longer.

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What do you most want to see on Firefly Lane season 2 episode 10 when it arrives on Netflix?

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