The Blacklist season 10 promo: What should be the focus?

The Blacklist logo any seasonAt this point, we don’t think a lot of people have super-high expectations when it comes to a promo for The Blacklist season 10, and for good reason. The folks over at NBC have not been keen to push the show hard over the years, and we have little reason to think that will change.

With this in mind, we’re not expecting a full trailer — even a thirty-second promo would suffice. We certainly think there’s a good way for the network to do something here, if they so choose?

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One of the great things that we’ve seen over the years with comic-book movies is that at some point, we always get the Legion of Doom or something akin to it. Sure, we see our heroes / antiheroes take down one baddie at a time, but how could they handle a whole lost of them? We’ve long felt that The Blacklist has a comic-book feel at times, so it makes the most sense for the show to pay forward their central twist for season 10 in a promo. We know already that Wujing is back and has control of Marvin Gerard’s list; why not have him use that to recruit a ton of other familiar faces, and then have some of them shown off in the promo?

For whatever reason, the network and production house Sony TV have been really coy when it comes to announcing who some of the returning Blacklisters could be. It’s possible that they are saving them for a promo, or they may just never announce them at all. This is just a great opportunity to paint a picture of peril for Reddington, and then also remind some longtime viewers that a number of familiar faces are coming back. Why wouldn’t we want that?

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What do you want to see featured in a new teaser for The Blacklist season 10?

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