‘Pretty Little Liars’ season 3, episode 23 review: Are Aria and Ezra [spoiler]?

Pretty Little LiarsWith there only being one week remaining now until the “Pretty Little Liars” season finale, you knew that the writers were going to set the stage for something pretty epic … and that they have. Tuesday night’s episode was just about as emotional and as shocking as they come, and on this occasion it meant far more than just seeing Spencer Hastings suffer inside the walls of Radley Sanitarium.

The biggest movement away from the Liars perhaps came courtesy of Aria, who really did everything in her power in order to break up with Ezra after seeing Malcolm get temporarily kidnapped at the hands of “A” (who apparently identified herself as Alison). While she has been willing to take gambles on her only life, she’s not so willing when it comes to an innocent little boy.

Now, let’s circle back to Spencer for a moment. After freaking out on her mother and searching around Radley, she learned that none other than CeCe Drake was visiting Mona in the asylum, offering her some sort of counseling to help get over the pain that Ali caused her. Why? According to Wren, Ali caused CeCe to get thrown out of college, and she had a pretty serious vendetta therefore against her.

While all of this was happening, Emily was told by her mom that the police found a body that sounds very much like Toby’s. Is it? We saw a body being carted in during the closing tease, and it could very well be his … but that just seems too easy to us. We have the same feeling about Spencer potentially joining “A.” We think that she’s too smart to do this for good.

Finally, we turn to the story regarding Hanna and Caleb, where the “truth” finally came out about Caleb’s father and whether or not he made a mistake in trying to let someone back in who was a thief. The twist? As it turns out, Caleb’s dad really was an innocent party to everything, and this was just a setup to ensure that Caleb could be heartbroken, as well.

Overall, what did you think about this episode, and do you think that the stage was set well for the finale?? If you want to check out some of the earliest scoop regarding “Pretty Little Liars” season 4, you can do so over at the link here.

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