Is Walker, Walker: Independence new tonight on The CW?

Walker season 3

Is Walker new tonight on The CW? Are you going to be seeing the Jared Padalecki show back along with the Walker: Independence spin-off? We know that there is a good bit more to come from this world; the question becomes when we’re actually going to see something more on the other side of Thanksgiving.

Now, let’s go ahead and share some bad news: There is no new episode of either show tonight. The last episode of both the flagship and spin-off of 2022 aired two weeks ago; now, we have to wait and see exactly what the future holds.

Luckily, we can at least give you some answer about the shows’ return down the road. Earlier this week, the folks over at The CW confirmed that on Thursday, January 12, you will have a chance to see these characters back. Because we are still so far away from that date right now, there’s unfortunately not a lot of other insight out there as to what the future will hold. Do we anticipate more details eventually? Sure, but probably not until we get around to mid-December at the earliest. The CW likes to get details out there for its episodes far in advance, and we don’t think that’s going to change even in this super-strange era that we’re in right now following the Nexstar deal.

Speaking of the Nexstar deal, this is where we remind you, rather unfortunately, that the future of both of these shows is very much up in the air. There’s a reasonably good chance that the media conglomerate is going to slash and burn most of The CW’s current schedule. With that in mind, be sure to catch up on these episodes if you’re behind and invite others to do the same! If nothing else, it could get these shows another season even if this network cancels them.

Where do you think things are going to go entering Walker season 3 episode 8, let alone the spin-off?

Be sure to share your thoughts and hopes in the comments! After you do just that, keep coming back for all sorts of other news.

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