Criminal Minds: Evolution season 1 episode 4: BAU’s next move

Criminal Minds: Evolution season 1Next week on Paramount+ you will have an opportunity to see Criminal Minds: Evolution season 1 episode 4 and with that, another chance to see all sorts of drama hit the fan. If you love this show, it will be easy to be happy about that.

For the BAU at present, they unfortunately don’t have all that much to be happy about. Just consider for a moment their present set of circumstances. You’ve got Prentiss coming back on board as the boss, but she’s got bigwigs who are already desperate to tear the unit apart. (Who does everyone always want to destroy the BAU? What do they get out of this?) Meanwhile, you also still have the network of killers out there led by Elias Voit.

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It is clear that episode 3 did a good bit to further establish who Voit is and just how dangerous of a person he can be; yet, there is still a missing link that the writers can dive into a little bit more. Why are all of these killers following this guy so blindly? What does he bring to the table that makes him that much of a threat? This is an interesting dilemma that they may need to resolve at some point, given that these killers could easily just go out there and start committing some heinous crimes without his help.

Hopefully, the BAU does at least get closer to bringing him down within this episode, but we almost have a hard time thinking that they are going to be able to do everything outright. This is an investigation that could run the entire season, so be sure to prepare for that in advance.

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