‘The Bachelor’ finale review: Is Catherine Giudici or Lindsay Yenter the winner?

Sean Lowe as "The Bachelor"With “The Bachelor” finale airing in part live on ABC, show host Chris Harrison promised a whole bevy of surprises to be unveiled during the broadcast. Before we get to any of that, though, we have to get to the question that is on everyone’s mind: who in the world is this guy going to pick as his wife?

There were all sorts of ridiculous things that happened in this episode first and foremost, whether it be Catherine Giudici saying that she was “consumed by him” (which sounds as though Sean had Catherine for dinner following the overnight dates) to watching the leading man apply some mystery oil to his shirtless chest for one final time until he inevitably takes it off on “Dancing with the Stars” (which we are all but certain is going to happen).

Lindsay was seemingly the more confident of the ladies leading up to the final rose ceremony, laughing her way through the family visit and even smiling leading up to the big moment. However, Catherine was much more insecure, and this made her in many ways all the more endearing. It was refreshing to see just how badly she really wanted this relationship to work, especially after having her walls up for so long this whole season.

Now, we turn to really what everyone wants to know an answer to … and no, it’s not how Neil Lane looks so tan all of the time. Instead, it’s the letter! We have been waiting for practically forever in order to try and figure out what the contents of this silly thing will be, with our favorite theory being that it was Catherine’s mom giving Sean her blessing to marry her daughter. Instead, the letter was actually from Catherine, and it was just a sweet and heartfelt message that played well into the proposal … and she said yes!

At the end of the day, Catherine and Sean seem on their road to a happily ever after, while Lindsay ended up leaving heartbroken after claiming that this will be the “best day of her life.” Of course Lindsay didn’t want to hear any of his explanations! Who would in that situation, and of course she was in tears. We do really feel bad for her, given that these people are put into a situation where they are programmed to think about love almost 24/7, and only that.

How are the two ladies doing now? Well, we’ll find out during the “After the Final Rose” special soon.

What did you think about the finale, and do you think that Sean made the right choice? If you want to check out a hilarious take on “The Bachelor” featuring Stephen Colbert, you can do so over at the link here.

Photo: ABC

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