Ted Lasso season 3 premiere date: More questions on the end

Ted Lasso season 2Even though we are close to the end of 2022, there are still so many things about Ted Lasso season 3 that we do not know. Take, for starters, when it is going to premiere, let alone whether or not we are inching close to the final season of the show.

What is so interesting about where we are right now is rather simple: The radio silence that we’re getting from most of the cast and crew even still on the end game. In a new interview with Fast Company, Brett Goldstein (otherwise known as Roy Kent) was super-coy when asked about the future, saying that the third season “could be the end.”

So why still do this? Well, there are a couple of potential reasons for it. The cast may be wanting Apple TV+ to make a formal announcement rather than spoiling something themselves; or, they also may just not know. The third season is likely to have a lot of closure to key stories, and then it comes down to Jason Sudeikis having an idea for something more down the road. We do think there’s going to be a long hiatus between season 3 and a potential season 4, mostly because the cast seems to have some other commitments elsewhere.

The reason, meanwhile, why the cast isn’t talking about premiere dates is because honestly, they may not know. Remember that this is something that Apple TV+ controls, not so much the main players.

A fun Nick Mohammed quote

While there may not be any fun season 3 news in Nick’s recent interview with The Guardian, it turns out that the actor and his family actually live in Richmond. With that in mind, of course it leads to a lot of interesting discussions with fans:

It’s a weird old thing getting recognised and definitely something I’m still getting used to. Lots of people are pretty angry with Nate too, given how the last season of Ted Lasso ended – so managing that has been fun. The strangest encounters are almost always in Richmond, where the show is set, and where we’ve lived since 2014 – so way before the show’s lifetime. But now it just looks like I’m hanging out there to get spotted.

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Do you really think we’re nearing the end of the road with Ted Lasso season 3?

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