The Blacklist season 10: What is Reddington’s goal?

The Blacklist logo any seasonAs we prepare for The Blacklist season 10 on NBC, it absolutely makes a lot of sense that we have a chat about Raymond Reddington. He’s obviously the most important character on this show, and he also leads the charge as we venture deep into a sea of the unknown.

So what are we left to wonder about at the moment? It’s rather simple when you think about it: What the character’s goal may be for the upcoming batch of episodes. Remember that entering season 10, he may think that everything is a-okay in his world. He’s gotten closure on Liz’s death now and on paper, there are no more major threats for him to chase.

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Yet, we know entering this season that there is some really dark stuff looming in the shadows, in particular when it comes to Wujing being in possession of the Blacklist thanks to Marvin Gerard. This is really the linchpin for almost everything that we could see, and it’s what could cause whatever goals Raymond had to be completely derailed.

Entering the season, we wouldn’t be shocked at this point if his primary goal was inner peace. Hey, it may be self-preservation by the end of it. This is what could make his relationship with the Task Force a little bit different, once he understands fully the extent of the trouble he is in. After all, he could go from using the Task Force as a means to an end to recognizing that he needs them to ensure his own future. Sure, he has a team to help protect him, but that may not be enough. A lot could depend on how far Wujing / whoever else he recruits is willing to in their own pursuit of justice.

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