Power Book II: Ghost season 3 premiere date: Promo questions

Power Book II: Ghost season 2When it comes to a Power Book II: Ghost season 3 over on Starz, there is one thing we can clearly count on: Secrecy. Or, to be specific, a lot of it. We’re in this spot right now where we are left to wonder all sorts of big things all about what the future holds, and also when they are going to actually share some information about what’s coming up.

The question that we want to dive into this morning is fundamentally rather simple: Why can’t we at least get some footage for what lies ahead? What’s wrong with putting that out?

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We wish that we could sit here and hand over an answer that wouldn’t frustrate a lot of people out there, but this is what we got: It’s just not how this particular network does their business. Through covering Starz programs the past several years, we have a reasonably good sense of how they operate at this point. What they prefer to do the vast majority of the time is share a first look promo (or sometimes a trailer) to go along with a start date; this way, they get people talking about key scenes while they also know when the show is actually coming back.

Of course, the big, central question mark at this point is precisely when we’ll actually see Michael Rainey Jr. and the rest of their cast make their return. We’ve already reported that the schedule for the new year is pretty much open at this point, and it’s fundamentally down to whatever the network actually wants to do. Our dream would be to get it back in January, but realistically we could be waiting around until at least March. The questions will also carry over to Power Book IV: Force, another show in this franchise.

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What do you think we’ll see in a first-look preview for Power Book II: Ghost season 3?

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